About DM Dean Custom Home Builders in Southwest Florida

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Our Company

We are a certified building contractor company licensed in Florida, specializing in the Southwest Florida region. Since 2007, our business has grown dramatically. The DM Dean family includes our quality design, warranty and sales staff, local real estate professionals and of course our team of talented building craftsmen. We have been blessed with hundreds of customers that become our friends.

Our goal is to create a unique custom home that exceeds each of our customer’s expectations.

A family owned business, the principal owners are Mark Dean and Matt Trombley.

Our company’s success is based almost entirely on referrals given by those people for which we have built homes in the past. They refer their friends to us because of our people, workmanship and the high quality building products we use.

Why Consider DM Dean Custom Builders for your Florida Home?

DM Dean Inc. continues to be a pioneer builder in Southwest Florida. We continue to raise the bar in home construction standards; in quality building methods and framing materials, as well as mechanical specifications.


Since 2007, DM Dean Inc. homes have come standard with the following features:

  • 3 1/4″ casing, 5 1/4″ base & crown trim
  • Wood window sills
  • Stepped ceilings
  • Recessed HVAC equipment in the garage
  • Tile flooring throughout the home, with underlayment
  • Finished bullnose corners
  • 1/2″ plywood roof underlayment

Timeline of Quality Features Added

  • 2009 DM Dean Inc. made brick pavers, walks and lanais standard home construction features.
  • 2010 DM Dean Inc. began designing homes with 90-degree sliders as a standard feature, something virtually unseen in home construction in South Florida.
  • 2010 DM Dean Inc. designed a home that had the guest bath accessible from the pool area as well, this design was copyrighted and is still held by DM Dean Inc.
  • 2011 DM Dean Inc. began building homes with DensShield standard in all exterior ceilings. We offer a LIFETIME warranty on these ceilings!
  • 2011 DM Dean Inc. began building their homes to exceed FEMA requirements by 6″.
  • 2013 DM Dean Inc. made low-E impact windows standard for the efficiency, convenience, and – most importantly – the safety of our customers.

Tips for choosing a home builder: we suggest you ask the following:

  1. How many homes has the builder constructed in the previous year? How much experience do they have building custom homes in Florida?
    DM Dean Inc. has built over 800 homes – most of these in Southwest Florida, including Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte!
  2. Has the builder had a judgement or lien against them? Have they ever had to litigate or arbitrate with a customer?
    DM Dean Inc. has been building homes since 1997 and we have never had a legal issue …  EVER!
  3. Are the home plans the builder is offering original designs? Is there a risk of copyright infringement for the plan? Are you willing to be a party to a copyright lawsuit?
    All floorplans that DM Dean, Inc uses are our own design, many of them copyrighted. All are tested and meet all codes. Many have been built multiple times. All can be customized to your specific needs.
  4. What do ALL of the other builder’s customers think about them? Any builder can hand out a list of a few customers to contact.
    DM Dean Inc. offers you a list of 50 customers and home locations. And we will give you the location to EVERY customer for which we have ever built here in Florida. Can any other builder offer that much confidence?